19 April 2021 ( 360 views )

Adorable Halloween Costume of Wolfhound and his Mom Got Viral

Here is the story of a proud pet parent and her lovely Irish wolfhound. They participated in a Halloween. As we all know Halloween is a three days celebration of Allhallowtide. The holiday is called All-Hallow Eve as it is the evening of three-day celebrations, before All Hallow’s Day.

Miss Delware Kate Banaszk has her lovable pet Wolfhound they both get an excellent idea of dressing in the Halloween party and luckily they win fans all over the world. Their photo in which they both dressed up with the costums and the pic becomes viral and they are adored by people so much..

He's all kitted out and ready for Halloween!
Source : Imgur

Interviews are conducted in which Banaszk talked about the idea of wearing this adorable custom that she is a huge fan of the 90’s classic film “Wayne’s World”. It is a fictional movie having fictional characters. She was impressed by two characters and their names are Garth Algar who dressed like a blonde, dishevelled long hair wig with a blue T-shirt and black glasses and Wayne Campbell” dressed a black cap on his head and wearing a black shirt and holding a musical guitar in his hand.


She added that people reaction on this picture was out of my expectation and her Wolfhound is always her big support in choosing and admiring her Halloween costume dreams. She is a big fan of this movie and she successfully dressed up the same as the characters and her lovable best friend Banaszk made the same facial expression that people love the most. Kellens become the character of Garth and she dressed up like Wayne.


She added a scene from the film where she explains the character that he is lovable guy best friend and has his dream women she met in a class. She refers to the scene of an idea of Fox lady he has when she saw her.

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