14 October 2020 ( 17 views )

Cute Dog were fallen in love with their fellow kitten

Ponzu, A Golden Retriever and his owner have a very good habit of nurturing and rescuing kittens who have been neglected. The sweet dog helps care for them just like a big fellow.

Similarly, Ponzu’s human brought in a tiny kitten named “Ichimi”. However, there was something special in it for Ponzu. The very first moment when the dog laid his eyes on the little kitten, it became very clear that they will have a strong friendship, which will last for years.

At first, the kitten was so tiny that it would require being bottle-fed and was not sure if it could last or not.

Ponzu started to go utmost for making the kitty realize that he is in the right home. He even let the kitten to nip for his pleasure. When other kittens are playing he becomes a proper referee to keep a check and balance situation … you will not find any better baby-sitter then Ponzu!

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