19 April 2021 ( 349 views )

Dog Dearest Toy Is Sewed By Granddad

Golden doodle dogs are the most favorite breed whom people like so much. As they are energetic intelligent, friendly and even trainable. Here comes the story of the same Golden doodle puppy whose name is Leo. Leo is the most favorite of Granddad. Grandad sew the dearest toy of Leo. Luckily this adorable moment is captured by the camera.

Source: Instagram

Being a dog lover we all know the importance of toy in dog life. Leo is only six months old puppy and he played all day long with his much-loved toy. Obviously while playing, the toy is being carried from one place of home to others and becomes dirty, may be torn and covered with dog hair.

While Grandad is repairing the toy Leo consistently saw every step of sewing and his eyes reflect the love for her Grandad. He shows his love by licking and leaning his chin on grandad's arm. It is natural that dog licks their owner because they like the salty taste of skin and this shows affection and gives the dog a feeling of pleasure.