FaceTime, being used by a Dog … to much funny and kinda cute

31344 views07 May 2020

In the night, when someone is so tired, it becomes too hard to talk and we often get sleep even during the call.

This is what happened in “Bilski” case, she was talking with her boyfriend, and got so tired ending up in sleeping, when his cute dog found this situation going, he hilariously picked up the phone, as trying to cope up the situation and talk instead of her mom.

We’ve all been there, struggling to keep our tired eyes open during a night-time video chat or phone call. Mom Brookelyn Bilski, shared a similar plight when she was on a FaceTime chat with her boyfriend, Sam Stine, but helplessly fell asleep.

Chihuahua, was seen to be talking to his mom friend, and a cute little face was seen by the front-camera which looked too adorable.

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