French Bulldog Scared By His Own Farts

42932 views 21 April 2021

When Gibson’s human changed his food, it had an unexpected outcome that took the French Bulldog by surprise – he began to fart! Gibson’s not-so-silent flatulence was apparently caused after eating new food and he would do this each time he went out for a walk until he was able to adjust to his new diet.

Watch what Gibson the French Bulldog does after he surprises himself with a toot!

Flatulence is often caused by foods that are difficult for a dog to digest. Food items such as soybeans, peas, legumes, milk products, high-fat foods, meat treats, and table scraps will commonly cause dogs to fart.

Chronic flatulence can point to a poorly digestible diet or a health issue such as a food allergy or a GI disorder and should not be ignored as it can cause serious discomfort to the dog not to mention a possible health risk for your dog.

If your dog’s farting becomes chronic you may want to visit your veterinarian or speak with a pet nutritionist to see if a change of diet will help your dog.

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