19 April 2021 ( 936 views )

Hungry Shepherd Warmly Awake His Dad For Breakfast

Gustav a German shepherd dog is the most faithful, obedient, loyal, watchful and active household dog. Here is the whole story of how this courageous Gustav wake up his dad.

As we know that Shepherd dog indulges in food and increased their appetite. Here is the cutest video of how Gustav awake his dad. He is hungry and its 6:30am but he is so intelligent and has all tricks on how to awake his dad.

This shows that Gustav is a morning dog who wakes up early in the morning. His Dad love and fed him and spend more time with him so whenever he feels hungry he go to his dad for breakfast. Likewise, he went to his Dad bedroom firstly he pushes the bed from the side then jump on the bed and cleverly placed his head beside his neck and lift him for the breakfast.

We can see how he wakes up in a good mood, not in anger the way he awakes him. This is Gustav routine to awake his dad every time in the morning.

This breed of dog is incredibly so loyal and protective and people prefer them. We have seen how wisely Gustav awake his dad for his breakfast.

See the exciting video of how Gustav awake his dad for the morning breakfast

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