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Hurrah! Lullaby for me (Pitbull)

A dog is a wonderful creature, having the brightest soul and a God-Gifted animal that can build an undoubtful relation with any child, buildup a communication skill, love, empathy etc. with the passage of time as they move towards their teenage life span.

Pit bulls are famous for their loyalty and loving nature with the people. Pitbulls have a spectacular capacity for happiness, due to their people-pleasing nature, trained in a very short time. They are found to be the most affectionate pets in the world. As they have a lovely nature so they love to cuddle, snuggle and rollover on the belly of Here are some of the important characteristics and general appearance of the Pitbull;
  • Possesses a clear and well-defined musculature.
  • Except specie of merie, Pitbull contains all colors and different patterns.
  • Requires special love attention
  • Sessile nature
  • Less aggressive
  • Various breeds are present such as American Bully, American Tit Bull Terrier etc.
 ’Because of their people-pleasing nature, pit bulls are imminently trainable’’

‘’The truth about pit bulls is simple: They’re sweet, smart, hilarious, loyal companions’’

As it was depicted in the video that Pitbull doesn't want to sleep as it might be possible that she wants some naughty things for her sleeping. So Dad is there and he sings a song especially for him ‘’Lullaby’ ’Before singing a song she was so serious and looking towards her Dad with lovely eyes as she had.
While Dad is singing a song with a pleasant and soothing voice, her face expression was changed immediately that there is my dad singing ‘’ Lullaby’’, while seeing her expression no one could be serious as her expression could melt anyone’s heart.

While cradling for the Pitbull, she was looking towards her Dad with great affection and love that was sparking through her eyes, as she has lovely and sweet eyes.

The serenaded (singing a song with pleasant voice in gratitude for someone else) idea of Dad for her Pitbull works for her sleeping. As this was shown in the video uploaded by Negrarcia on YouTube in the given link:

In the given pictures taken from the video , it has been showed that how Pitbull is feeling after a Lullaby from her Dad.

After a lot of diligent work performed in singing, drowsiness started to take over Pitbull as this credit goes to her Dad and she was about to sleep.

From all these facts and figures, it has been clearly demonstrated that all animals want love and friendly nature from the human beings because they have also heart and feelings. As dad sings a song for her Pitbull that shows her love for his pet. Meanwhile Pitbull can’t control her emotions due to the love given her father, so no one could understand her feelings at that time because animals are also living creatures.

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