Adorable Dog and Kitten were found to be too excited in the first get-together

624571 views16 October 2020

Unexpectedly, the first meeting of Pit Bull and a cute little kitten was so adorable and thankfully, it was recorded as well! Nevertheless, it also raised a question, how will it go in the longer run?

We all know the fact that if a new pet is brought in the presence of our older one then they must have to cope with the situation and adjust themselves accordingly.

One Day, Dog named Licious got a surprise from her mom; she adopted a kitten, and the first meeting ended up with an exchange of sniffs and touches. As the seen goes on, the dogs start to be preparing for a more round of kisses as she decided move her tail and roll out her tongue

The little kitten was not scared and is having a good time playing and lounging around with her newly made friend. What many people believed that a cat and dog cannot live together especially with quite a large difference, is false. According to many researches, there are some breeds who mostly feel comfortable with kittens only and the other becomes comfortable with them as the time passes, obviously who can ignore their cuteness!

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