Mom Sends Pictures Of Their Dog Waiting For Her Son Who’s Away From Home
Awaiting Dog.

This Mom Sends Pictures Of Their Dog Waiting For Her Son Who’s Away From Home
Awaiting Dog.
This is a small story of a loving dog who is waiting for his owner to come back home from school overseas since day one, it is super emotional, heartwarming, and joyous. It is a rollercoaster of emotions. This mother posted the story of her son and his beloved dog on Imgur. Her son had to earn the privilege of owning a dog by walking an empty leash around the block two times a day for a whole year. Her husband made sure their son knew how much of a big responsibility it is to raise a dog by giving him this challenge. Their son happily obliged and eventually got himself a dog as a reward.

When the son went overseas for school, he terribly missed his best buddy so much. That is when his mother came up with the beautiful idea of sending pictures of their dog to her son on a daily basis with humorous captions. She decided to post this story of two best friends experiencing drastic long distance until they are finally reunited. Scroll down to read the beautiful story yourself…

1 Oh, he is a beautiful boy.

He is not an average dog. He is a cool dog.

Sniff! Sniff!

Aww, poor baby. This is making me emotional.

Where is the dog?

Drinking the sadness away.

I hope he does not have to wait long for his owner to come home.

He is done listening to those lectures, Sir.

I would melt under those puppy eyes.

He is a poser too!

Why need a lover when you have a dog? A dog is filled with so many qualities. They could be your best friends, cuddles and smooches giver, loyal companion, protector and so many more. A dog gives us the best of itself. If you want him to be loyal, he will be super loyal. The most loyal creature you will ever come across. Fidelity runs in their veins like blood. They can be playful so they are great with kids. They are literally joy bringers. There is no other love like the love of a dog for its owner.

This dog is a great example of delicate these little dogs are, they easily get super attached to their owners. They never stop missing them. They are the most loving animals. They are so selfless. I have yet to see a love so genuine and passionate as that of a dog in humans. These dogs are teaching us so many lessons on humanity and it is really crazy if we think this through. These dogs are doing what we as humans are supposed to do with them or any other creature. They teach us how to stay loyal to our beloved ones, how to be a giver instead of being a taker, they teach us how to be kind, how to be patient and caring. I totally believe in dog supremacy and that’s that.

My fragile heart can not take this anymore. Please, come back home.

236 days without his owner!! Oh, I am so excited about their reunion.



I am in tears, it is finally happening.

The wait is over.

Finally! A much-awaited reunion.

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