Cute Dachshund Climbs Stairs In His Own Unique Way

Everyone climbs stairs a little differently, but this Dachshund has a hilarious way of slinking up the stairs! I’ve never seen anything like it. The dog runs back and forth each stair in zig zag fashion until he reaches the top.

It’s actually a very clever way for the Dachshund to do it as it puts the least amount of strain on his back. Dachshunds are sometimes prone to back injuries because of their elongated frames, so it’s a good idea they avoid activities that require high jumping. This particular Dachshund’s slinky-style escalation is not unique to him. Many Doxie owners have commented that their Dachshunds use the same technique to climb stairs.

One wrote, “That is too cute how he weaves in and out of the stairs to climb up. Willie would climb up like a slinky.”

Another woman commented that they have adapted their home to help their dogs. “My husband and I built a ramp to my little brother’s Doxie could get on and off his bed easily. We call it the weenie ramp.”

This cute video was posted with the caption “This is what our usual morning commute looks like.”

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