35 Times Dresses Looked So Bad That They Deserved To Be Shamed

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One Of My Fb Friends Shared This And Said She Looks Like A Tamale

Saw This In The Comments Of Another Group Of Mine

I Have No Words

That Dress Looks Like She Peed Herself. What Even Are Those Lines??

Ms. Girl Is Famous, Thought It Looked Like Post-It’s Lmaoo

Sarah Vess

Finally Found Something Worthy To Be Shared Here. This Reminds Me Of When I Tried To DIY A Purse Of Out Of Pair Of Jeans And My Sister Threw It Away Thinking Its Scrap (Because It Was Trash)

Sabarni Sengupta

When You Just Don’t Have Time For Gardening

Maria Theren

I’ll Never Allow You Twilight People To Live That Phase Down

RobynThe Human

Saw This On Tik Tok Lol It Flatters Her Figure Tho!

Jadyn Sullins

The Belly Button Though



What In The Photoshopped Grandma Shower Curtain Is That Dress? Found On Aliexpress

Ana Luiza

I’m Not Sure If I Hate This Or Love This. For Some Reason I Think It Would Look Good On A Flatter Chest

Not Blurring The Face Bc It’s Camila Cabello This Is Her Met Gala After Party Dress. This Year’s Met Was Extremely Chaotic Or Is It Just Me?

Not Gonna Cover His Face Because He’s “Famous” But Damn What Is This I Love You Bbno$ But This Is Something I’d See In A Waiting Room

Usagi Yonaga

Thoughts Ian? An H3 Reference, What’re Your Thoughts Though?

Ellie Ingle

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