Adorable Cat Arrives Everyday To Help Motivate Gym Members

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This gym cat arrives each and every day to greet and support the gym rats!

A tired and unmotivated woman forced herself to the gym and when she left, she found a new energy burning inside of her. However, it wasn’t just exercise that made her feel better. In fact, she claims she owes it all to a cat!

“So I have had a really hard week already, and decided to go to the gym even though I really just wanted to sleep as soon as I got off work. Well this guy came in my gym last night and made my whole week better, and nearly brought me to tears,” battlesquid91 wrote on Imgur.

She loves animals but she recently moved and is not allowed to have pets in her new place of residence!

Enter LB the gym cat!

“Everyone that works out here has been super cool about LB. We try to make sure he gets pet regularly between reps and that he is not in the way (but he’s lazy as crap so there aren’t very many worries about him getting under anyone when we are lifting).”

He has become the gym’s official mascot and can come and go as much as he pleases and he is not even required to have a membership!

“He came around last week and we thought he wandered off this weekend but he came in like bat out of hell yesterday mid workout. I couldn’t get a picture of him yesterday because he wanted everyone to know he was there and that they owed him cuddles (he’s very demanding). Today he was super chill and hung out beside me for my warm up for about 15 minutes, and then wandered off to find some mice.”

He’s very affectionate and supportive to all of the gym goers!

“Honestly this cat has kept me motivated to come to the gym. I’m pretty lazy, but I guess my love for cats is stronger.”

LB sure is one cool cat, isn’t he?

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