Toddler’s Reaction After Kissing His Dog Is Hilarious

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Dogs and little kids are naturally comedic when they get together. These sweet interspecies friendships often feature lots of laughs and goofy moments that lucky parents get to witness.

Such a heartwarming relationship can be seen with baby Tegan.

He absolutely adores his large newfound buddy and isn’t afraid to show some affection. When baby Tegan leans in to give the dog a nice smooch, Ralphie the dog certainly doesn’t hesitate to respond!

The adorable little child tries to give some small kisses, and Ralphie more than willingly gives him a couple of licks back. It’s absolutely hilarious!

Even though Ralphie’s kisses are a bit overenthusiastic and certainly a bit more than the baby bargained for, Tegan just loves his dog so much that he keeps coming back for more.

It’s funny to see how the baby really doesn’t like the kisses at first but still wants more anyway. You really have to see the reactions and moments these two have together for yourself.

Tegan’s parents Joshua and Bee Fisher shot the video and the footage quickly went viral.

The family actually has another large dog called Boss and Tegan has two slightly older siblings as well. Joshua researched which dog breeds respond well with children, and Newfoundlanders were a perfect choice, something you can definitely see in the video below!

“They are sweet and loving, it shows in our photo they are truly lapdogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere,” Joshua said to The Daily Mail.

The family also has an active Instagram account where you can follow the stories of their “three little boys” and “two big boys.”

If you’d like to see the adorable video of baby Tegan and Ralphie, check it out below!

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