Artist Creates Beautiful Giant Cats Sculpted From Bushes – And They’re Awesome!

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Richie Saunders is a British artist who has quite an unusual hobby. Saunders creates amazing architecture pieces of cat statues that look just like the real thing. When you see the pics, you will definitely wish you have one in your garden.

These cat sculptures have gained a lot of online attention – check out the pics below:

1. This kitty is awed by the beautiful blue sky. We feel the same about you little kitty.

2. Did you just get confused for a moment there? Well, this may not be a real cat, but it is really adorable.

3. This is surely a beautiful site to look at.

4. Who would like this plush green kitty in their garden?

5. Keep it down. Don’t disturb the kitty.

6. Would someone like a nap on this sunny day?

7. Did we just rescue a cat or this cat rescued us?

8. That is one big kitty in the middle of the street.

9. That big kitty will take care of everything.

10. This birdy just got scared of the huge kitty. Well, the kitty will do a good job keeping the birds at bay.

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