A Beautiful Story Of Five Cute Kittens Gaining Their Strength Back After Some Love Is Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry

Maria, who is Alex Greenshpun’s partner, heard a bunch of kittens crying at the moment she was visiting her parents. Her first thought was that they were calling out for their mother and she was pretty certain that it wasn’t really rare for a cat to leave her kittens alone while she was out there hunting for food.

When she heard that the kittens continued crying and crying for over an hour, she got a little bit worried. She found them in a cardboard box on an empty plot which implies that someone just left them there.

She didn’t hesitate to reach her partner, Alex who then told her to bring them back home immediately. When they examined the kittens they were full of fleas and very dirty.

Alex and Maria were about to give it all they got to help them survive. They went to see a few different vets who then told them it’s pretty hard for kittens to survive without mothers at the age they were at.

Alex mentions that they’ve become like a family more than just pets. They were fed by a syringe and would climb all over their new mother when she entered the room.

Maria and Alex already had a pet of their own, a boxer-lab mix who bonded with the kittens in no time. There was even one small kitten that was even friendlier with the dog than the rest, named Titto, and they often found her sleeping on the dog’s lap.

This story is especially difficult for Alex as she had already helped one stray cat back to health before these five babies. Alex had named her “The Little Miracle” but the story was a sad one in the end.

Her heartbreak after The Little Miracle had suddenly died gave her the energy to help these little kittens out. Maria took the first few photos with her smartphone the same moment she found them.

This was right at the moment Maria found them

They look so scared and worn out


Already feeling right at home


Happy to be alive

Titto loves chilling with the dog

They’re definitely best friends


You can already see their healthier state

Cuteness overload


A little photoshoot won’t hurt


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