Celebrities of the Same Age Who Turned 40, and We Didn’t Even Notice

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Time is flying, and we don’t even notice how fast! It feels like just recently we were watching “The Devil Wears Prada” or “13 Going on 30,” enjoying the young actors, and suddenly we realize these movies are over 17 years old! So, how old are the actors we remember from their prime? Memory plays a tricky game with us, and we don’t even realize how much older we and the people on TV screens have become. Many actors, whose movies we watched seemingly just recently, are now 40 years old or more.

Let’s take a look at pairs of actors who are the same age, and their age might come as a surprise because we’ve known some for a long time, while others gained fame relatively late.

Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg – 40 years old

Yes, “The Amazing Spider-Man” came out in 2014, and “Now You See Me” in 2013. It’s been 10 years already.

Emily Blunt and Mila Kunis – 40 years old

Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth – 40 years old

And the gods don’t get any younger! But these actors will be remembered for a long time for their roles as Superman and Thor.

Anne Hathaway and Kristen Dunst – 41 years old

Eddie Redmayne and Jared Padalecki – 41 years old

Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba – 42 years old

Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston – 42 years old

And these “gods” still drive ladies crazy, especially Tom Hiddleston, who charmed the audience with his role as Loki in the 2011 film “Thor” and continues to captivate in the ongoing series “Loki.”

Eva Green and Christina Ricci – 43 years old

Two gothic ladies: no longer the girl from “Dreamers” (2003) and not Wednesday from “The Addams Family” (1991).

Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum – 43 years old

Rosamund Pike and Evangeline Lilly – 44 years old

James McAvoy and Chris Pratt – 44 years old

Rachel McAdams and Zoe Saldana – 45 years old

Both actresses continue their successful careers: Rachel is involved in the third part of “Sherlock Holmes,” which will be released next year, and Zoe is still enjoying the success of “Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022) and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” (2023).

Jensen Ackles and Ian Somerhalder – 45 years old

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