10 Dogs That Are Afraid Of Water

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We have always seen cats getting scared of water and running away from it. Hissing at whoever tries to drag them in for a swim. On the other hand, dogs have a great time in the water. They even swim for the national swimming teams. However, it isn’t always like that. Sometimes, dogs aren’t quite swimmers. They take every road to avoid any unnecessary contact with water. It’s a bit odd but true. Some dogs are just afraid of water. They need to be trained just to get used to being near it. That’s right. Dogs can have a water phobia too.

Every dog has its own personality that is independent of its breed’s usual behaviour. They have a list of likes and dislikes. Since our poor little four-legged buddies are voiceless and can’t directly tell us what’s bothering them, it is up to us to figure out what’s going on. Though their gestures and expressions are quite clear most of the time, sometimes they give us proper signals. For instance, stiffing limbs when they’re taken to the pool is a sign that they don’t want to swim. But at other times they react in such a funny way at the sight of water that it becomes hard for us to hold back our laughter. Here are 10 dogs that think being in the water is not a great idea. Scroll down and check them out.

“NO, NO, NO! Don’t hit me water. I’m warning you.”

“Hooman, why must you do dis to me?!”

“Quick! Lift me up hooman! It’s so wet in here.”


Dogs are way goofier than we originally thought. It’s so adorable to see some of them get scared of water like it’s gonna dissolve them or something. Although some dogs are great swimmers, some are just better off without being in contact with the water. Just like humans. Not all of us enjoy swimming, there are some individuals that have water phobia and won’t hit the water for anything. It’s okay, we all have our own personalities, even dogs. That’s what makes us different from one another, however, it is rather hysterical to look at these dogs’ reactions when in contact with water.

“It made me wet!! Why you do this to me hooman!? Why!? You shall pay for this!”

“OH MY GOD! Gotta get out! Gotta get out!”

“We’re in water!?” The reaction of the middle dog tho.


“I’m not scared. I’m just not quite the swimmer.”

“No! Put me down crazy hooman! I don’t do so well with the water.”

“Nope! Never going swimming ever again.”

“Oh my! It’s coming to get me.”

These dogs and their reactions are absolutely hilarious! This is definitely the funniest thing on the internet today. What do you guys think? Let us know about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with other dog lovers and dog owners for a day full of laughter.

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