23 Hilarious Pictures Of Pets Ending Your Delusion That You Trained Them Well

There is no mistake quite like a pet mistake and it can always bring a smile to their owner’s face. Their follies are almost always forgiven.

Pets become a part of the family of their owners and they are treated likewise. It is no wonder they often get preference over everyone else.

An owner will always teach their pets the best of everything from manners to being obedient. But they are also living beings and can make mistakes no matter how much you have taught them.

So, be kind to them and forgive their mistakes. Even if they have destroyed your favorite shows or clothes or couch or books or plants… you get the idea.

Here are some of the best images that show exactly how your pet may behave in an uncalled-for manner even after you have put in your best efforts to teach them good manners. Have a look and enjoy.

1. New yoga pose

2. What has posessed the dog in the back?

3. “My cat would not let me see my cookbook to make dinner!”

4. He looks like pleading to take this ill mannered dog off of him.

5. If I fits I sits

6. “My brand new footstool (that is replacing my old footstool because it was destroyed by this jerk)”

7. Let me show you how it’s done.

8. “Our mint plant has died cause Puppushka uses it as an after dinner breath freshener.”

9. What a unique pair they make.

10. Do not disturb.

11. “Google made a panorama of my cat stealing my husband’s pants out of his closet.”

12. “Just your average walk…”

13. I will take a nap here.

14. Let me show you how coffee is made.

15. “My Dachshund knows what’s comfortable.”

16. Caught in a crossfire.

17. “I’ll bury myself in the cat litter.”

18. “Are we there yet?”

19. “To the cheese store, Jeeves, and make it snappy.”

20. “Thought the house was being broken into but it was just the tortoise wreaking havoc.”

21. “Excuse me, could you help me find who ate this yogurt?”

22. “Every bite you take, every lunch you make, every time you bake, every piece of steak… I’ll be watching you.”

23. “No sense in having personal space.”


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