25 Pets Who Would Not Part With Their Most Precious And Favorite Toys

Pets are like babies and owners treat their pets like their own children. We pamper our pets well and would also do anything to make them feel happy and secure.

While our pets have made our lives brighter, these cute creatures have never stopped surprising us with their gestures. Most of the time, our pets act like kids begging for attention.

They can also be fussy eaters, causing us headaches sometimes but no matter what, we will always adore our fur babies. And just like kids, our pets love playing so we give them toys to make their play enriching and more fun.

You can see their love for toys as they play and cuddle with their favorite toys. They seem to be inseparable from their precious toys and take them everywhere they go.

Have you seen them snoozing and hugging their toys tightly? Well, that is a common sight for us owners.

Sometimes, our pets would also take their toys with them during mealtimes, and they love “feeding” them. It’s so cute to see our pets getting head over heels with their replica plushies.

It is thus safe to say that our pets have been obsessed with their BFF stuffy. Scroll down as we have compiled for you some snaps of pets (as shared by their owners) cuddling their favorite toys.

1. Then and now. The 4-week-old Eliot vs. his full-grown self. Still with his favorite toy.

2. What about this sweetie getting a quick nap with his favorite toy?

3. Some things remain constant, like this dog’s toy since she was 3 months old.

4. Bonnie does want to leave her favorite toy whenever she goes on a holiday.

5. Can you guess this dog’s favorite toy? Check his mouth.

6. This kitty patiently waits for her favorite toy as her grandma sews it back together.

7. Yes, that’s his most favorite toy.

8. Horsey proudly shows off his new favorite toy.

9. Rizzo is good at organizing his toys.

10. No one can take this little monkey away from me.

11. Eddie’s favorite teddy was also his late sister’s favorite.

12. He’s so possessive with his toy.

13. Obviously, he loves his stuffy.

14. This cat thinks his toy is hungry too.

15. This dog has ripped countless toys except for this Dino.

16. For real?

17. Mom, what have you done to my babies?

18. This senior cat still loves his ghost toy.

19. So happy to finally have a squirrel plushie after more than a decade of trying to catch one.

20. This face tells it all! This furball whiskey is a piece of heaven.

21. Now, this toy’s face is gone (with time).

22. Hugging his twinsie.

23. Who’s your bestfriend?

24. This Kitty loves her favorite replica plushie.

25. This dog takes his favorite toy literally everywhere.

How do you find these snaps? Aren’t they cute and hilarious?

Pets are always like that. To owners, they will always be adorable.

What’s your pet’s favorite then? Is it something that they have had since they were babies?

Surely, you were able to relate to some photos in this article. If you liked this, please share this with your friends and families.


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