Adorable Dog Spends It’s Days In An Office Because This Woman Was Under The Impression That It Was A Dog Daycare

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Dog Daycare fills a much needed gap in the world of capitalism. Not all of our dogs should or could spend the day alone in the home, but humans gotta work!

Being apart from your precious puppy and darling dog even for a short period can lead to several things, including separation anxiety! But sometimes you just don’t have any other choice but to leave your dog and there’s nothing better than having a place to keep your dog safe while you see to your responsibilities.

Dog Daycares are usually perfect for that, once you leave your dog there, you know that your dog going to get treated well and receive all the love and attention a dog may require. Otherwise, you could just leave your dog with someone you trust and everything should normally be fine and dandy.

Although accidental, the story below about one dog and a not-exactly Dog Daycare is a mix of both worlds, and it’s wholesome as heck.

“This isn’t a dog daycare at all.”



A Dog Deal


The dog in the Christmas photo? Excellent.



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