Corgi Dogs Bred With Other Dog Breeds Just Look Like Disguised Corgi Dogs

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The Pemrbroke Welsh Corgi dog breed is an old dog breed. In fact, this dog’s lineage can be traced back as far as 1107 AD!

It’s pawsible that because the corgi such an old dog breed, that is a major factor explaining why when a Corgi is cross-bred with another dog breed, many prominent Corgi features stick out. What’s so peculiar about this?

Well, as one Twitter user recently pointed out, it means these cross-bred dogs just end up looking like Corgis disguised as other dogs. Twitter user @soapachu went on to inspire an entire thread of responses featuring mixed Corgi dogs, looking suspicious as heck.

1. The SQUISHY Mastiff Corgi

2. The EARS Black Labrador Corgi

3. Don’t laugh, it’s adorable.

4. Who knew this was even pawsible?

5. Worth a second look.

6. I’ll take ten.

7. The power of that stance.

8. Okay, excuse me, this is cute.

9. A Poofy Corgi

10. Too adorable to be considered an abomination.

11. Okay, this one you can laugh at.


13. We need more of these.

14. Oh heck.

15. Corgis are descended from the line of northern spitz-type dogs (similar to Huskies,) but this still looks more like a Corgi than anything.

16. LOVE

17. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine trying to crossbreed some of these dogs.

18. I shall dub them Beagies. Actually, no. Don’t do that.

19. Very cute.

20. So many questions.

21. Long hair, don’t care.

22. A short Collie.

23. He looks wise.

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