Family Adopts An Old Service Dog And Quickly Learn That Old Habits Die Hard

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Arwen is a Kelpie-Husky cross and the newest addition to this Tumblr users family. They adopted the dog from a prison where she was trained as an autism support dog, and along with that came its own set of challenges.

Adopting an old dog into a new family and new environment can have many of its own issues when the dog has come from a normal, loving home. It can be an even tougher experience when it comes from such a different and strange environment such as a prison, where it has been a carer for disabled inmates. Along the way Arwen picked up some pretty strange traits and skills – some of which became apparent to her new family right away.

Seems like quite the cutie!


Sounds like she’s been trained to jump over things and eat whenever she can? Sounds like a prison dog to me!

The family has been forced to find new ways for Arwen to use her habits and skills.

Resourceful doggo here.

This story is extra extravagant!


Possibly the most athletic dog I’ve ever heard of.


This pooch just won’t stop. And this was all within the first week?



I knew dog judo would pay off.



The little rascal will never miss an opportunity to outsmart the humans in her life.


Arwen’s owner goes on to explain just why she is so smart and cunning.


It doesn’t even stop there, with more updates on Arwen’s Adventures coming through.


The internet rejoiced at this incredible dog, posting their thoughts.



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