Family’s Dog Hoards Shoes When She Gets Lonely And Breaks Hearts

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Dogs are beautiful creatures. Just like humans, all shapes, sizes and breeds can be amazing animals if they are treated with love, respect and dignity and that definitely applies to this loyal family pet. Meet Luna, a 3 year old miniature bull-terrier who absolutely adores her human family. She loves playing with both the parents and their little one who is just a baby and is well trained, gentle and trustworthy.

One thing that Luna does struggle with, which is common in very affectionate dogs, is separation anxiety. Basically whenever she is left alone she seems to think that her family has left her forever. Luna has a special way of dealing with this, as her owner Justin Grosjean explains –

She will go around the house and gently pick up as many of the family’s shoes as possible and take them back to her bed so she can be comforted by the scent of her humans that she loves so much.

Ma heart! Ma soul! What a gem.

Luckily for Luna she is rarely completely alone. The family have a young baby and the mother is generally home caring for her.

“When I leave the house my dog takes one of my shoes and lays with it (she never chews them),” Grosjean wrote on Reddit. “Well, this weekend my wife and kids were out of town and I went to Home Depot for 30 minutes and came home to this. I think she panicked and thought we all left. Broke my heart.”

Reddit user Schnoodledoodledo was so touched by the story that they wrote a little poem for the occasion –

“When daddy leaves the house, I have to go n find a shoe

It’s not like I destroy it, but it’s what I like to do

To go n find a special one, n bring it to my bed

It comforts me n makes me think that he is here instead

but once when mommy took the kids, daddy went out, too

I did my thing n found a shoe, but then I wanted two,

n then I got another, n another made it four

n soon I was surrounded by my dad’s shoes on the floor…

the smell of him surrounded me – I finally could rest

n then I heard his FOOTSTEPS – that’s the sound I like the best!

You see, I truly love this guy, much more than you’d believe…

(Tonight I’m taking ALL his shoes – so he can *Never* leave! ;)”

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