Grateful Rescue Dog Greets Mom Every Day With Sweet Hugs

One of the neighborhood’s most affectionate boys is a puppy named Kylo Ren. He has a great love for his family, and he is not ashamed to express it.

Hugging and cuddling in his mother’s lap is one of his favorite activities

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Although Kylo had some difficulty locating his forever home, he is currently happy

Ten months after his birth, Kylo was brought to the West Memphis Animal Shelter. ALIVE Recuse Memphis removed him from the shelter shortly after entering. In addition to saving homeless animals, this group also rescues animals from kill shelters. Whenever possible, they find good homes for these animals.

Kylo spent many years in a foster home. In spite of the rescue group’s surprise, Meghan Sweers’ application was the perfect one

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Sweers claimed that she contacted him after spotting his Facebook photo. She believed that she was always intended to have him, and she only needed some time to find him.

Source: stubs_sass_and_bull

The Sweers and her husband tested Kylo on their other dog, Nellie, for compatibility before bringing him home

Amazingly, there were no hiccups in the process. Kylo was brought to Sweers’s home by an ALIVE Rescue Memphis volunteer. Immediately after arriving, Kylo settled in.

“As soon as they left, he crawled into my lap, tucked his head under my chin, and started snoring like a chainsaw. From that moment, my husband and I knew he was staying with us!” Sweers added.

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Kylo’s amusing traits were revealed to Sweers and her husband after he was formally adopted. He ended up being scared of hardwood flooring, so Sweers layered rugs around her entire home.

Because of Kylo’s bully breed, some Sweers family members were initially wary of him. Dogs of the bully breed often have short muzzles, massive bones, and powerful muscles. They are descended from the Molosser stock of ancient Greece. Bully breeds that are frequently seen include Boston Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, Boxers, and Bulldogs.

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Bully dog breeds are often not violent when provided with a suitable environment and socialization training, but just like any other dog, people can teach them negative tendencies. Most bully dogs are content, loving family pets who are incredibly protective of and kind to children in their household.

It’s evident that Kylo is a mama boy

Every evening, he waits by the door until Sweers returns from work. He gives her a bear embrace the moment she enters.

Source: stubs_sass_and_bull

Kylo is assisting in dispelling misunderstandings about dogs of the bully breed. Bully dogs are wonderful pets and companions when given the proper training and care. What are your thoughts on this? Please share in the comment box below if you have such a loving dog.


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