Man Saves A Bull Mastiff Who Was Buried In Dirt And Left To Die

Some humans are capable of such monstrous acts that make the rest of us ashamed of belonging to the same species. Animals are so much better than people. In the wilderness, they attack because they are hungry or frightened – never kill or torture for pleasure.

Our heroin had the misfortune to be owned by a sadistic person how not only enjoyed torturing her but also buried her alive and left her to die. Athena is a French Mastiff (Dogue De Bordeaux). She was recently found buried alive by a good Samaritan who was walking his dog. He noticed something sticking out of the dirt. He realized that it was the dog’s head, and he knew he had to act immediately.

Athena was found buried alive on August 4. Her head was the only exposed part, and it appears that she managed to free it herself because she was buried pretty shallow.

But she couldn’t fully free herself because she was anchored to the ground.

Athena was very weak and dehydrated. She was also very calm during her rescue.

Her rescuer’s pooch also gave a helping paw. Her name is Goddess. Very appropriate – Goddess and Athena.

Goddess kept encouraging the poor dog during the rescue.

Athena was dehydrated, so her rescuer gave her water in small sips. Giving her large quantities of water at once could harm a dehydrated animal.

The rescue process was slow because the rescuer used his hands instead of a shovel, not wanting to hurt the dog.

The poor dog was taken to a local vet clinic, where they’ve treated her for shock and dehydration. The vets concluded that she was at least 10 years old and had been severely abused in continuity.

The photo shows Athena with two new Rottweiler friends. She is trying to get accustomed to a life with a loving family, friends, and proper care.

The authorities managed to find Athena’s owner thanks to the ID tag. It turned out that he lives near the vacant lot in Paris when Athena was found. He denied having anything to do with this event and claimed she had run away.

However, the evidence told a different story. It was apparent that the dog was suffering abuse over a long period of time and that she was suffering from osteoarthritis, which would make it pretty difficult for her to run away.

The 21-year-old owner was arrested Saturday afternoon, and he will be tried for cruelty to animals. The trial is scheduled for May. People started a petition demanding maximum sentencing, which would mean 2 years in prison and a $33,000 fine.

The petitioners also ask that he be denied bail because they believe that animal cruelty is just a step away from hurting a human being.


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