Man Shares Hilarious TIFU Story About His Dog’s Jealousy Over The New Female Dogs He Brought Home

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Hurray! Your family decides to bring home a new puppy after carefully thinking about it. Then your doggo begins to look at you suspiciously when you enter the room and start settling your new pup into her new home.

Your doggo is aware that a new dog has arrived in town, and she does not like it. Your dog doesn’t care that this puppy has done nothing but sleep on the floor in your house.

Her demeanor reveals rage, fear, and jealousy. It’s important to properly acclimate the puppy and your dog to their new environment. This is because dogs occasionally get envious when a new puppy moves into a family.

Today’s Reddit story is all about dogs, but one particularly jealous dog named Stormi. The Redditor shared the hilarious story on the r/TIFU subreddit community, and we’ll let you in on some of the details.

So the OP’s wife breeds and trains therapy dogs, which means that they have a few dogs around. Both the OP and his wife have one dog each that is bonded explicitly to them, and for the OP, Stormi was that dog.

She was even the only one who slept on the bed with the OP, as she loves her human dad dearly. Things went south when the OP brought in another female dog, and Stormi’s actions showed that she actually felt betrayed and hurt.

The Headline


The atmosphere in a home will change when a new puppy is introduced. People in a family normally give this new dog their undivided attention. Consequently, if you already have another dog in the house, they might feel hurt. Read the whole story in the OP’s own words below.

What my wife does…



Stormi is madly in love with dad


Keeping the genetics clean


Dogs like Stormi may feel as though their lives are in danger because this new puppy is also in their domain. This behavior is totally acceptable and understandable.

It’s important to handle your dog’s emotions appropriately when jealousy arises. Keep reading to find out what happens next.

The new females arrived


We train them


Stormi is giving me the stink eye


I hope she gets over it


Puppies require care and attention because they are lovely and sweet. Your dog is accustomed to being by your side.

Therefore, if another dog comes to take you away, your dog may likely become disturbed, jealous, or even aggressive. It’s up to you to assure them that they have nothing to worry about.

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They are trainers


Not at all…


Never encourage your dog to harbor jealousy against a new puppy moving into your house. When you integrate a new dog into the family, you want him to feel secure, loved, and at home.

When your dog meets your new puppy, you may want to encourage them and let them know they are safe, loved, and cared for, especially if you notice any odd behavior on their part.

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