Woman Refuses To Give One Of The Puppies She Rescued To A Friend Because He Is Mistreating His Kids And Pets, Gets Criticized By Her Other Friends

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Owning a pet is a big responsibility. It is a living being that requires constant care. Those cute photos of happy pet owners you see on social networks are just one part of the story.

Those people worked really hard to get there. These photos show the result, not the process. Pet can make you happy, but you also have to make it happy. It is not a solution to your problems, and won’t help you if you are not willing to let it help you.

By taking care of it, you will become more active, have more interests, meet people… And that’s how dogs make you happy… They don’t solve your problems just like that.

But some people don’t understand that. We have one of those stories today. A Redditor refused to give a puppy she rescued to one of her friends, and she was criticized for it.

“The background on my friend is that he’s married, already has a dog whom he mentions is aggressive. Which is why he’d love a puppy to socialize with.

And he has a toddler whom I don’t think he cares for very well. For example as in not changing diapers for over two hours, his daughter barks and growls instead of talking, and he usually is doing drugs in front of her. I try to stay out of his parenting because he can get very defensive.”

Yes, that sound just like a responsible person you would want to give a puppy to. Read this interesting story below:

OP asks:


She recently rescued a momma dog and her pups, and she wants to find them good homes. One of her friends wants a dog.


Her friend is in no situation to take care of a dog.


So she told him that:


However, he didn’t take it calmly:


OP has support from some of her friends, while others are keeping quiet


Redditors agree:


OP says that Child Services are already involved:


This is so true:


OP should consider this:


Their friend group is really weird. And doesn’t look like a good group to begin with:


Cut ties, OP. And do it immediately:


Her friend is not a friend but a liability.


Some Redditors were furious at OP:


The bottom line is:


OP also mentioned his financial situation: “On top of it all, he is always mentioning how much he struggles financially. Not having money for bills or having to move due to needing lower rent. As well as having no money on hand. I seriously did not think he genuinely wanted another dog.”

We agree that this is not a person that should be entrusted with a dog, let alone kids. We hope CPS will do its job.

The first thing to do is to save kids. We can’t believe his friends think it is none of their business. What kind of friends are they? Not very good, that’s for sure.

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