40 Embarrassing Hairdo Accidents That People Couldn’t Resist Sharing Online

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Have you ever found yourself walking out of the salon and hoping the ground would open and swallow you until your hair regrows? Rest assured, you are not the only one who has felt this way.

It happens to the best of us. Yes, all of us.

If you get a hairdo that didn’t turn out the way you hoped for, the first thing you might want to remind yourself is that your hair will eventually grow back. Of course, it would take some time, and you would probably have to deal with the embarrassment from friends, family, and strangers for a while.

But look at the bright side – now you know that looking up to Kanye West or Nicki Minaj for hairstyle inspiration is probably not a good idea. In a perfect world, we should all be able to pull off our favorite star’s hairdo or at least the latest trending style.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from perfect, and it’s not every style we like that will fit our hair type or face shape.

While there’s nothing we can do to change that, we can at least have a good laugh at some of the most embarrassing haircut accidents that have happened to other people while bearing in mind that we could be next!

Enjoy these pictures from “Is This Your Client?” – an Instagram account dedicated to curating hairdo accidents.

1. Oracle, is that you in purple?

2. Real-life Medusa hairdo. This is what intestines on your head would look like.

3. He’s cheering with his ears.

4. This has to be one of the stadiums for the world cup!

5. Is this a hairstyle, or did a dog’s tail grow on her?

6. You wouldn’t want to mess with this guy.

7. Two thumbs up to the hairstylist who created this creepypiece.

8. At least she wouldn’t have to search for coins and pennies.

9. Why spend money on a hairband, when your stylist can design a permanent one on your head?

10. Who doesn’t love showing off a basket filled with different fruits?

11. To become one with spaghetti, you need to BE the spaghetti.

12. Maybe she ran out of attachment.

13. Seriously? Why?

14. She: “I want to look like I had fun last night.” Hairstylist: Say no more.

15. Presenting people with complete lack of awareness.

16. Poor hair is hanging on for dear life…

17. Tell me you’re a swordsman without telling me you’re a swordsman

18. I had this exact haircut for my fourth grade.

19. Just, why? You confuse us.

20. Me: I love sunflowers. Stylist: Say no more.

21. What in the world? Did you forget your hairbrush, ma’am?

22. Mess with her and she’ll hit you with Karen-style.

23. These dreadlocks are kind of scary, but quite useful. Huh.

24. Absolutely not.

25. What was he thinking?!

26. Oh my. There’s a lot going on here.

27. The mountain and waterfall hairdo.

28. This is what damaged hair looks like.

29. Maybe she dipped the air in ammonia one at a time?

30. This is funny, but also why?

31. I know this is about hairdo, but I couldn’t resist.

32. Looks like matted hair, not fit for a wedding.

33. Faux dog ears.

34. How is this even achievable?!

35. Looks like a mop. How rude.

36. Are those bacon strips?!

37. Oh the poor woman. Healthy hair completely ruined.

38. Sorry, but this is absolutely horrible.

39. Ouch!


In Summary…

We all have our tastes and style, but frankly, there are some things you should not even bother to try with your hair. Most times, bad haircuts happen when people try to be creative with their hair or when they want to recreate a trending style without considering whether it suits their hair type and face shape.

One of the most effective ways to avoid embarrassing haircut accidents is to ask your hairstylist for their opinion on a hairdo you’d like to try. While it is one thing to ask your hairstylist for their opinion, it is another thing to take their recommendation, especially when it differs from what you want.

However, remembering the ground wouldn’t open up and swallow you, no matter how much you hope it will, if the haircut you insisted on flops, should be enough motivation to reach a compromise with your hairstylist.

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