Man Spent Life Training As A Makeup Artist And Gained The Ability To Erase Years Off The Faces Of Older Women

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Makeup artist Anar Agakishiev is a magician when it comes to makeup. Starting out in the medical field at the request of his parents, Anar quit, pursuing his real interests. He started out as a hairdresser and left his home country Georgia (in between Turkey and Russia) to take makeup master classes in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

He worked his way up to styling celebrities in his home country, even once styling Safo Nijaradze, a singer from Georgia who participated in the infamous Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, Anar has gathered many followers on several social media platforms and has become an Instagram celebrity with over 450,000 followers.

Some of his most viral work was where he made over older women and made them look much, much younger.

Mind = blown.

Beautiful before, extra glamorous after.



Just incredible.

She literally looks 20 years younger.

Anar even styles hair too, switching this woman’s blonde to a rich brown color.



Complete will colored contacts.

Anar’s work is just so impressive!

Is that even that same person?! (Yes, it is!).

Cher vibes.

So pretty!

Years erased.

And finally- the man himself, Anar Agakishiev, posing with one of the women he transformed.

Visit his website and Instagram for even more impressiveness.

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