People Can’t Contain Themselves When This Dad Live Tweeted About His Trip To The Museum With 60 School Kids

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Do you remember how excited we were to be able to go on a tour when we were little? I mean no school or classes for one whole day! It was the best thing ever for us the kids, but little did we know how much the teachers suffered.

And boy did they suffer! We only realized this when a superhero of a dad, Simon Smith from the UK decided to do a good deed by volunteering to take his daughter and 59 other classmates to the Kensington museum.

He clearly didn’t think it would be that hard, but he was drawn back to reality when all of them got on the bus. For everyone’s amusement and for awareness purposes he decided to live tweet the whole ordeal.

Now, there were over a 100 tweets, but we decided to take the funniest and most brutal tweets to entertain you. Scroll down and see how this trip changed Simon’s perspective on life.

This is Simon Smith the brave man who volunteered to take 60 children on a school trip


Everything started out so smoothly


Slowly but surely he realised that things are taking a turn for the worst


Nothing that makes you more nervous than sitting next to a kid with travel sickness


Then everyone needed the toilet


Then came the stink bombs


That boy must be eating something very gross to smell like that


It must have been awful


Then the fun really started


It will be fun they said!


They still had a long way to go


Oh, now they did it!


The experience took him back to the army


He experienced the world phenomenon of time being freezed


They asked all the questions you can think of


At least his wife sympathised with him


Why wouldn’t they?


His daughter is absolutely loving this


He can’t take anymore of it!


In his final tweet he explained everything pretty clear

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