Woman Shows Everyone How Influencers Fake The Perfect Body On Social Media

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We live in the era of the internet and social media, where everyone aims at looking perfect. People just want to look happy and flourishing on social media, irrespective of what’s happening in their lives.

Clearly, social media can be deceiving. There are so many applications that can make a person’s body look perfect with just a button. People use their altered bodies to attract followers and gain more popularity.

This is just not right! There was a time when people actually worked hard on themselves. People who do regular workouts at the gym and tone their bodies or maintain their shape should gain followers.

However, the ones who are actually working on themselves generally go unnoticed because, in reality, the process of achieving a perfect body is slow. In contrast, the ones with an instant result attract more traffic.

Some even starve to look slim or appealing according to the perfect body image created by social media. The fact people ignore is that food is a life-giver. It’s our best friend who provides us with the energy to live.

People think that having a perfect-looking body is everything they need to be popular but little do they know that everybody is perfect in their own way. We don’t need to alter our bodies to please others’ eyes.

Pictures of Bree Lenehan a YouTuber and social media influencer who spreads self-love, body positivity through her posts will show you that no curve is better than the curves of your big bright, beautiful smile!

A bloated body just indicates that you are a happy eater.

You have the permission to breathe, relax and just let your body be!

You do not need to fix your body but the world needs to fix their mentality.

Give more importance to having a beautiful smile rather than having a beautiful body.

You need to believe that your body is good irrespective of how it looks.

Focus on being good and healthy on the inside rather than from outside

Bodies come in every size and shape, and yours doesn’t have to match a standard to be perfect!

Show some kindness to your body and let your stomach be free under a bodycon dress.

Being happy in your own skin is a bliss.

Its time to stick your tummy out and let go of all perfect body images off your mind.

Those curves are flawless, don’t let anyone say otherwise.

Rolls, cellulite, stretch marks and bloating looks absolutely amazing of a person’s body!

Bloating on period days are normal, bloating otherwise is also normal!

A perfect looking picture is when you are relaxed and unconsciously enjoying yourself.

Its all in these deceiving poses, appreciate your real body.


You can look amazing in a crop top even with your tummy out.

Real bodies do poke out and have little stretch marks on them, embrace it!

Don’t cover up yourself on under jumpers on a hot summer day

Show the normality of your body rather than portraying perfection!

Everyone is different and unique. Every shape of the body is acceptable and every size of people is beautiful. You do not have to alter yourself to look amazing to others. Be who you are that’s enough!

Share these amazing and inspiring pictures of Bree Lenehan with as many people as possible and motivate them to be good people from the inside instead of just looking good from the outside.

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