Heartwarming Story: Stray Kitten Discovers a Loving Family at the Police Station, Showcasing the Compassion of Law Enforcement. -Kitty World

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An adorable stray cat decided to take matters into his own paws, and wondered into a police station to look for a new family. As charming as only a cat can be, the confident fury ball instantly went to the officers’ heart and it didn’t take too long until one of them adopted him!

The other day, officers from the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina, had a very unexpected visitor. A black and white cat sneaked inside seeking for some affection. Since it is nearly impossible to resist when a kitten begs to be petted, the officers immediately complied with his demands.

“This furry feline stopped by CPD West Region to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also,” the police department wrote on Facebook.

After a long session of cuddling and selfies, the officers let the furry visitor go, assuming he has a family that is been looking for him. But the things were different, and when officer Brandon Montgomery returned to work after the weekend off, guess who was there to greet him? You’re right – the same sweet furry visitor!

“He wanted to be pet and held,” said officer Montgomery. “He likes being on shoulders, very much. He’ll climb right up.”

Next, the officers tried to reach the cat’s owners by posting photos of him online, but since no one claimed him, officer Montgomery decided to make him part of his family. He named the cat Kingsley, and now the once stray kitten is thriving next to the Montgomery family!

“I’m a pet lover,” the officer said. “I consider him part of the family. He’s doing very well.”



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