Husky And Dad Have Funny Argument Over Stolen Potato Skins

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Dogs, especially Huskies, can be sneaky little fellas. Whenever they can get away with sneaking some human food off your plate, rather than eating their dog food, you better believe they’re going after it. Youtuber CERKirby caught the result of just that in a video. He explained that his husky stole his dad’s potato skins off of his plate, and when dad came back to find out what the husky had done, this is the argument that ensued.

The dad acts super serious (but, don’t worry, it’s all fun and games) and tells his husky, “That’s my stuff! Look at me when I talk to you!” While the husky does the classic husky howl, saying “no, noooo, noooo, they’re MY potato skins!” Watch this dad-husky argument for a good laugh. Pass on to your friends and family so they can get a chuckle, too!


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