Model Hairy Cherry Says She Loves Flaunting Her ‘Bush’ On The Beach With Other Proud Hairy Babes

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Hairy Cherry, a model who has chosen to forego the use of razors in exchange for a significant amount of money, confidently showcases her natural body hair, including when she’s enjoying the sun and sea on the beach.

This model, who has affectionately been nicknamed Hairy Cherry by her admirers, has garnered thousands of followers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.Here, she celebrates her decision to embrace her body’s natural state.

At 25, this stunning individual from the United States made the decision to stop waxing and shaving.This change came about last year when a particularly generous fan offered her $7,000 to keep her body hair intact forever.

Ever since accepting that offer, Cherry has stayed true to her word.

She exhibits no hesitation in proudly displaying her body hair, whether she’s out and about or wearing a bikini on the beach.

In one TikTok video that attracted thousands of views, Cherry was seen wearing a strappy satin blouse that highlighted her unshaved underarms.As she swept her long hair away from her face, she shared:

“Me whenever I see another proudly hairy girl in a bikini at the beach.”

Mimicking the words to a popular audio, she enthusiastically expressed:”You are a rock star, in my eyes you are the queen.”

Cherry also mentioned that there’s a unique confidence that comes with being a woman who embraces her body hair.She further emphasized this point in her video’s caption, stating: “Y’all will never know that level of confidence.”

@ittybittycherrybbYall will never know that level of confidence

♬ original sound – Itselenaaaa💕

Her fans, clearly inspired by Cherry’s boldness, flooded the comments section with heart emojis and an abundance of compliments.

One admirer confessed:

“I have so much respect for you. I wish I had this confidence.”

“You’re so cute,” praised another fan, showing their support.

Cherry has also addressed and dismissed criticisms from male detractors who find her body hair unappealing, with a sharp retort that they’re simply jealous because they “cannot grow a beard.”

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