‘Old People Say My Tattoos Have Ruined Me, And I Won’t Look Good At 60’

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Taylor Courtenay has shared her experiences with societal beauty standards and the criticism she faces from older individuals due to her tattoos.

While tattoos have grown in popularity and acceptance as a means of personal expression, they still encounter negative views, especially from some in the older generations.

Taylor Paige Courtenay, a 26-year-old from South Devon, is adorned with tattoos covering various parts of her body including her neck, face, stomach, and legs. She has attracted a large audience on TikTok, boasting 314,000 followers, where she recently discussed the negative feedback she receives.

'Old People Say My Tattoos Have Ruined Me, And I Won't Look Good At 60'

On her TikTok account under the username taypaigec, she uploaded a video captioned: “Karen will say I’ve ruined myself.”

A viewer responded: “Karen was always a jealous one.”

In a subsequent video, Taylor specifically addressed the criticism she often gets from older individual

@txypci wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves 🥱♬ she knows – spedupaudios ୨♡୧

Taylor discussed how she often hears from older people, “Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60.”

Rather than being upset by these comments, Taylor responded humorously, “That’s bold of you to assume you even look good at 60.”

She expressed her wish in the video: ‘I wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves.’

One tattooed viewer resonated with her experience, commenting, “This is my comeback now when my family start talking about them.”

'Old People Say My Tattoos Have Ruined Me, And I Won't Look Good At 60'

Taylor noted that it’s usually the older generation who make such remarks. She explained, “Personally, I think they see a young healthy female and obviously it was never the ‘norm’ to them to see a female with a lot of tattoos in very outstanding places back when they were younger.”

“So I guess they just presume that I haven’t thought about my decisions and therefore ‘I’ve ruined myself’.”

In another video, she confidently displayed her impressive tattoos across her chest and torso. She sports a large tiger and cheetah on her stomach, the year 1996 on her chest, a Medusa head on her neck, and floral designs on her arms, among others.

'Old People Say My Tattoos Have Ruined Me, And I Won't Look Good At 60'

Taylor shared an experience of visiting a café with her grandparents where she felt the stares and whispers of strangers due to her tattoos. She mentioned, “I feel like I have to be overly nice, polite, and smile more to show that my tattoos don’t change who I am as a person.”

“I have the same personality; I am always polite and courteous and it doesn’t change me as a person.”

Taylor has talked about how men criticize her tattoos, suggesting that they mar her appearance.


Reacting to such comments, someone remarked, “I bet your father is proud.” Taylor then posted a video countering this negativity, expressing her disbelief at the amount of harsh criticism directed at her.

@txypc Reply to @chopper_c6 ♬ original sound – tpc

“I know my dad’s f*g proud of me … I live life how I want, I do what I want, I look how I want,” she asserted in the video.

She concluded her message with a strong affirmation: “I’m proud of myself.”

Taylor is now focused on challenging and changing older individuals’ views on tattoos. Studies show that older people in Britain tend to be less accepting of tattoos compared to the younger population.


A YouGov survey conducted in August of the previous year, which polled 2,224 UK adults aged 18 and older, found that 59% of those over 55 had a negative view of tattoos.

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