Puppy Who Started Life on the Streets is Now Happy, Graying Older Pooch

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Stevie is our rescue pup of questionable heritage. Honestly, we don’t care what breeds she contains in her small body; we just love her.


Stevie was found nine years ago wandering the streets at around 7- to 8-weeks-old, eating whatever she could to survive.

The kind people at Bossier City Animal Control found her and put her up for adoption. Another rescue pulled her, and the rest is history – she came to our family.


She loves being outdoors but hates water. No squirrel is safe around her. She likes to play tug, but won’t fetch a ball. She will chase the ball and claim it for the rest of the day. She would rather spend her hot summer days in the A/C on the sofa.

She is greying around her muzzle and it makes me quite sad, but I know she’s happy and is a fantastic big sister to our “baby” GSD. Sometimes, when he gets a bit much, she will look at me as if to say, “Can you please take him back?”


She has a beautiful blue merle coat and the most expressive eyes. She is the bestest of doggos.

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