Social Media Influencer Racks Up Thousands Of Followers Despite Not Being Real

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Milla Sofia is a popular social media influencer with lots of followers. But here’s the surprising part – she’s not a real person! She’s a computer-made character with a beautiful appearance. Many people like her and want her attention. However, some of her fans are now upset because they found out she’s not real after trying to get close to her.

A young and attractive woman is rapidly gaining tens of thousands of followers on social media.

Milla Sofia Instagram

Milla Sofia is your typical influencer, regularly sharing numerous vacation photos and runway modeling shots.

On her Twitter feed, you’ll also find some posts where she aims to empower women and encourages them to aim high.

When you glance at the comments section on her Instagram, you’ll see male users swooning over her pictures.

In the comments, you’ll find people complimenting her smile, her dress, and the bikini she’s wearing, or simply expressing how stunning and gorgeous she looks.

“Wooooooow wonderful lovely sexy elegant legs have a great day love you of million million kisses,” writes one fan.

Another added: “Oh my goodness, the bikini looks good on you, it’s great you’re beautiful.”

A third said: “Well you look fabulous wearing anything as well as nothing I’m sure. You’re a beautiful young woman.”

The only issue with all of this is that Milla Sofia isn’t a real person.

This fact may go unnoticed by some of her 32,000 followers since her recent posts are incredibly photorealistic.

When you focus on her face, it might be challenging at first to realize that she’s a creation of artificial intelligence.

However, if you pay attention to the backgrounds in most of her images, it becomes evident that they are not real.

As you scroll further into her account, you’ll notice that the pictures of her face appear more airbrushed and robotic because they were generated by a machine.

According to her website, she is described as a “virtual influencer and fashion model from Finland.”

She tells viewers to ‘join my journey to revolutionize the fashion world’.

“I am not your ordinary influencer; I am a 19-year-old woman residing in Finland, but here’s the twist—I’m an AI-generated virtual influencer,” the site says.

“As a fashion model, I bring an unparalleled and futuristic perspective to the realm of style.”

“Whether it’s the catwalk or the digital landscape, my passion lies in showcasing the latest trends and pushing the boundaries in the ever-evolving fashion industry.”

“Join me on this exhilarating journey as we delve into the captivating fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance.”

“Let’s embark together on an exploration of the intriguing intersection of fashion, technology, and boundless creativity.”

It’s a fascinating idea that brands could use Milla Sofia for their campaigns instead of hiring a real human model, which might mean they pay her (or her owner) much less.

Thinking about the future, it seems strange and full of new possibilities.


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