A Hairdresser With a Big Heart Saw A Teenage Girl In Need And Spent 13 Hours Making Her Feel Special

When a depressed teenage girl, with unwashed, matted and tangled hair walked into hairdresser, Kayley Olsson’s salon, she didn’t turn her away or make fun of her. Instead, she could see that the teen needed some kindness – so that’s precisely what Kayley gave her.

Emotionless, the teen asked the hairdresser to “just cut it off,” but Kayley was determined to help the teen keep her hair, even though by the looks of it, she hadn’t so much as brushed it in a long time, and restoring it would take many, many hours. Kayley desperately wanted the girl to leave the salon feeling better about herself.

This picture is where they started, and, wow! You’ll be amazed when you see what Kayley was able to do for this worthy young lady.

Kayley posted to her Facebook about the experience.

The finished result!

Leaving the salon, the girl told Kayley, “I will actually smile for my school pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”


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