Viral Photoshopped Images That Fooled Everyone On The Internet Into Thinking That They Were Real

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When posted on the internet, images spread quickly and thousands of people can view it with a simple click. Viral Photoshop images are known to circulate and deceive everyone, because the flawless way the picture is manipulated tricks people into thinking whatever’s in the photo is real. While collecting the aforementioned photos, I noticed that some of these were images even I though were legitimate.

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, I guarantee that there’ll be at least one familiar photo on this list. Dear masters of Photoshop, how do you do it? As trippy as they are, these are seriously impressive.

Okay, this one’s obviously fake. Doesn’t mean it isn’t cool, though!


Giant Skeleton:




They even got he shadow right.. wow.


This one’s beautiful.



I genuinely believed this was real.




First dab? Nope, just shooting of Dunkirk.



Both are straaange.







No star-shaped island for us, I guess.



Would’ve been legendary if it were real.


I’ve seen this one before!


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