Woman Frantically Searches For Her Missing Senior Dog, Discovers He’s At Local Bar Making Friends

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Jenny Hazard was in a panic when Bear, her senior Shih Tzu mix, got out of the backyard and disappeared. This past week, she was in the yard with her three dogs and it was getting dark out so she rounded up her pups only to discover Bear had snuck through the gate that was accidentally left open. The 16-year-old pup was nowhere to be seen. Hazard panicked and immediately went searching for him.

Bear has a limp, is partially blind and has a heart condition so she was very worried for his safety. Additionally, it was snowy and cold outside. She quickly posted a message to social media describing what Bear was wearing and writing that she was “terrified he won’t last long in this weather.”


Hazard and friends walked and drove around the neighborhood and while out looking for Bear she got a text and photo from a friend of a friend. Bear had been found! But when she heard where he was she was completely flabbergasted.

Bear was at Finks, a local bar a mile away. In the texted photo, Bear looked like he was happily lapping up all the attention he was getting. Hazard’s first reaction was “What’s he doing at a bar?”

She’s not sure how Bear ended up at Finks, but she suspects that a group of bar-hoppers spotted him on the street and brought him there. Regardless, Hazard is relieved and grateful that Bear has been found.

“They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular,” Jenny told WITI of how the bar patrons responded to the furry visitor. Of Bear’s adventure, Hazard joked it’s the classic, “Old man breaks free — goes to bar.”

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