Woman Gives Pet-Store Cat Hug Goodbye— Then Snuggly Tabby Refuses To Let Go

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Jessica Parken and her fiancé Andy recently helped one cat to find a loving home. They were out and decided to visit the local shelter to take a look at some animals. They were looking at puppies, birds and various types of fish, but as cat lovers, a few cats caught their eye. Before leaving the store, Jessica picked up a cat to snuggle with it and say bye, but the cat wouldn’t let go.

As soon as she tried to put him back in his cage, the cute guy wrapped his arms around her neck. It was clear that he was begging to go home with them, and Jessica was heartbroken. “He was here for 2 weeks, and apparently, he’s not so great around kids and other animals. He clutched on to me when I tried to put him down, so “Clutch” is surely going to be his name,” she wrote. Leaving the cat behind brought tears to her eyes, and she knew what would happen next.

“When I had tried putting him back, he legitimately clutched onto me and I shed a couple tears. It broke my heart that he wasn’t home with me.”

As Jessica and Andy have a toddler at home and a 18-year old cat, they couldn’t bring Clutch in their apartment. Instead, they found him a family. Jessica posted a video of the cat refusing to be put down in hopes that they can find him a home. The video became a viral hit, and Clutch was surely to get adopted soon.

When she went back to the shelter, there were lines of people wanting to adopt Clutch. January 24th was a lucky date for Clutch, as he found a new home.

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