Woman Says She Had ‘Accidental’ Affair With Best Friend’s Husband, Couldn’t Believe His Reaction When She Found Out

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Honey Brooks became a topic of viral discussion on Instagram earlier this month.

She shared that her friend’s husband had secretly subscribed to her OnlyFans account and engaged with her in a three-month-long exchange of risque messages under a fake name.

This revelation caught the attention of many of her followers.

Honey Brooks claims she had no idea the man she was speaking to was her best friend’s husbandCredit: Instagram / @honeyybrooksvip
However, the husband in question claims she knew full well who he wasCredit: Instagram / @honeyybrooksvip
The content creator initially had no clue about the man’s real identity.

However, in a dramatic turn, the husband is now claiming the opposite.

In a recent follow-up video, Honey discussed more details about the unfolding drama, revealing that the man is accusing her of lying in an attempt to salvage his marriage.

“He [the husband] starts blaming me, saying that I knew it was him, that I was going along with it all along,” Honey states in her video.

She also mentioned in another video that the husband had escalated his accusations.

According to Honey, the husband didn’t just claim she was a knowing participant in their online interactions; he also suggested that she wanted a real-life relationship with him.

The online entertainer is now gearing up to meet with her best friend and the husband to clear her name and resolve the situation.

Honey observed that her best friend initially seemed understanding, but her attitude might have changed after the husband’s insistent claims of Honey being a willing participant.

“I don’t know what the f*** is going to go down,” she expressed with concern to her followers.

Despite receiving doubt from some followers who questioned her unawareness of the situation, the Australian content creator firmly maintains her innocence.

She insists she was in the dark about the identity of the man she was messaging and affirms she would never intentionally betray her friend.

In her initial video about the awkward ordeal, Honey reiterated her innocence. “I have no idea who they are,” she explained, referring to her OnlyFans subscribers.

“They can sign up under whatever name they want. We don’t get to see email addresses or anything like that.”

She detailed how the husband opted for an exclusive ‘girlfriend experience’ on her platform, which allowed him to send her direct messages and watch her live videos.

This interaction did not reveal his identity to her.

The model explained that she couldn’t see his face during their video exchanges, leading her to question her inadvertent involvement in an affair.

“Now I’m thinking to myself: Have I unknowingly had an affair with one of my best friend’s husbands?'” she pondered.

“I feel gutted. I feel gutted that he’s done that to her, that he’s done that to me.”

This revelation about the infidelity is not the first time Honey Brooks has been in the spotlight.

The internet has been left divided over Honey’s storyCredit: instagram/@honeyybrooksvip
Previously, Brooks made headlines for discussing her unique marriage.

Last month, she faced criticism after revealing she “shared” her husband with 16 other women in 2023, stating it demonstrated the strength of their relationship.


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