Woman Who Was Kicked Out Of Store Over Her Shorts Says She Was Bullied For Being Too Hot

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Kerolay Chaves was navigating the aisles of a grocery store in Brazil, donned in a white tank top that was nearly transparent and without a bra, paired with denim shorts that were so short they could almost be mistaken for bikini bottoms.

The 21-year-old claimed she was simply going about her shopping when she started receiving hostile stares and verbal insults from other patrons, which ultimately led to her being expelled from the store by the staff.

“Just came from the supermarket and was bullied for wearing ‘too short clothes’,” Chaves disclosed on her Instagram account.

“I encountered looks full of prejudice, verbal curses were hurled at me, and in the end, I was ejected from the premises.”

Kerolay Chaves, 21, says she was kicked out of the grocery store while shopping in a skimpy outfit.Credit: Instagram / @kerolaychavesreal
The incident left the adult entertainer in distress, prompting her to seek solace and support from her 437,000 Instagram followers.

“Can you believe it? It’s outrageous that we, as women, are still subjected to this kind of treatment merely for dressing in a manner we choose,” she protested.

“The truth of the matter is, we endure this because we’re perceived as too attractive, and that’s the whole issue,” she added.

However, the support she anticipated was not forthcoming, as the majority of the comments appeared to side with the critical onlookers at the store.

“There’s no necessity to dress in such a manner for a supermarket visit,” one commenter pointed out beneath her Instagram post.

“It’s an embarrassment to the decent individuals who frequent the place, often accompanied by their children,” they added.

The 21-year-old was pictured wearing a see-through white tank top with no bra and denim shorts that verged on underwear.Credit: Instagram / @kerolaychavesreal
Another individual echoed the sentiment that the store was justified in asking her to leave.

“It seems what happened to you is akin to a shirtless man being asked to leave the premises,” they quipped.

Speaking to NudePR, Chaves expressed how the unwarranted animosity she faced, both in the marketplace and on her social media, left her feeling aggrieved.

“The barrage of insults seems to stem more from the ‘hot woman phobia’ I encounter regularly,” she reflected.

However, many people in person and online seemed to agree that her barely there outfit was inappropriate for the store.Credit: Instagram / @kerolaychavesreal
This Brazilian influencer is among a growing number of individuals lamenting the judgment they face over their appearance and self-assurance.

Shye Lee gained attention for her forthright discussion on the downsides of being perceived as overly attractive, sharing how she’s had to significantly adjust her lifestyle due to her looks.

“The way people treat you shifts dramatically, and it’s not your actions they judge, but solely your appearance,” Lee observed.

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