Hairless Pit Bull Abandoned In The Cold Makes An Incredible Transformation

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Paige was found outside in the cold with nothing on her but a few small tufts of hair. The young pit bull appeared defeated and seemed as if she was ready to give up on life.

That’s how Kristi found her, and she readily took the dog in and gave her a warm place to rest. After Paige was rested, Kristi took her to the vet and it was determined she had severe mange that had caused her hair to fall out.

In an interview with The Dodo, Kristi said that the vet called Paige’s mange “one of the worse cases of mange ever seen.”


The poor dog was suffering, but Kristi wasn’t ready to give up on her. She took her home and helped the dog rest and attempted to keep her comfortable and show her she was loved.

After a few days passed, a woman named Nicole from PIPs Rescue offered to foster Paige until she was ready for a forever home. Nicole picked the dog up and immediately knew she wanted to help heal Paige’s skin.


With the help of honey, medicated ointment, and plenty of bandages, Paige was on the road to recovery. At least, she was physically. It seemed the only thing left to do was wait for her spirits to lift.

Paige spent weeks at Nicole’s house laying her crate, refusing to budge. She’d lay all day and night and showed no interest in playing or being a puppy.


But one day, something changed. Paige slowly rose from her crate and began to explore the home she’d been living in. She made slow progress, but within two weeks, Paige was playing like a dog!

Nicole knew at that point, the pittie was ready for her forever home. After officially listing the dog for adoption, they received an application from the perfect home – a woman who’d been deeply moved by Paige’s story.

Watch the video below:

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