ST.Woman, Who Was Called “Not Pretty Enough for Her Husband”, Shows Us the Way to True Self-Love

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Love is limitless, regardless of size, height, or age. We tend to forget the value of real connections, getting caught up in labels and looks. But couples like Alicia and Scott show us that true happiness comes from within, reminding us not to judge others by their appearance.

Alicia has almost 6 million followers on TikTok

© aliciamccarvell / Instagram
Alicia McCarvell has become a social media sensation, spreading joy and body positivity through her hilarious content. Despite gaining millions of loyal followers who adore her adventures, she also faces hurtful comments and criticism regarding her relationship with her husband.
© aliciamccarvell / Instagram, © aliciamccarvell / Instagram

The Canadian woman, Alicia, opened up about the daily assumptions she faces. People speculate that she wasn’t overweight when they first met, or assume she must be wealthy, or that Scott must be gay or have a fetish for plus-size women. These assumptions stem from the societal belief that a physically fit person like Scott could never be in love or compatible with a plus-size woman like Alicia.

Surprisingly, few people are aware that Alicia and Scott have been deeply in love for a remarkable 16 years. They first discovered their affection for each other during their school days and have remained devoted throughout numerous challenges. They have consistently supported and respected one another, celebrating their love at every stage of life.

Alicia and Scott have stood by each other through thick and thin.
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During a challenging period when Alicia lost her job and felt uncertain about her path, her husband, Scott, became her biggest source of support and encouragement. He motivated her to rediscover herself and pursue her dreams. That’s when they came up with the idea of sharing funny videos of their life as a couple.
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Becoming a content creator proved a transformative choice for Alicia, propelling her to gain millions of followers. In her interactions with others, she has gained valuable insights about self-esteem. Despite her current social media stardom, Alicia faced struggles with self-doubt. She candidly shared that for a considerable time, she would think in line with others and question whether she truly deserved Scott’s love. In her own words, she expressed, “I believed if I didn’t like myself, how could he?”

The couple passionately advocates for the practice of self-love.

© aliciamccarvell / Instagram, © aliciamccarvell / Instagram
Alicia acknowledges that her insecurities caused challenges in her marriage. Through self-acceptance, she realized Scott saw her differently. Her advice: Don’t assume how your partner sees you. Alicia realized that her husband’s love for her had remained unwavering. However, what has genuinely transformed is her own perspective, which has allowed him to love her in the way he always desired.
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This realization prompted Alicia to respond to online criticism and negativity by educating people about false beauty standards’ detrimental effects. She emphasizes the significance of recognizing the genuine value and worth of individuals. “The world looks at us and immediately gives more value to Scott than to me,” shared the influencer.

Alicia shared that her husband had received messages from slim and conventionally attractive women suggesting he should be with someone who fits societal beauty standards like them. “Me telling myself for most of our relationship that I am not worthy of his love due to my body is exactly the same as this thin woman telling him that she is worthy of him due to her body,” she emphasized.

Committed love thrives on dedication alone.

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Alicia addressed the common question about whether she feels jealous of the attention Scott receives. She emphasized that she feels secure in their love because she knows he values her for qualities such as her sense of humor, dedication, and kind heart. These attributes hold significance beyond her appearance or weight.

© aliciamccarvell / Instagram, © aliciamccarvell / Instagram
Alicia urges people to shift their focus towards the inner qualities that truly define individuals rather than solely fixating on physical appearance. She acknowledges the societal overemphasis on specific beauty standards due to long-standing conditioning. Nevertheless, Alicia firmly believes in our capacity to bring about change and emphasizes our collective responsibility to dismantle prejudices.

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